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Does Scotdor still exist?

DorSuite is the registered trading brand of the Scotdor partnership which still exists as the holding company.

Who are the directors of DorSuite®?

The directors of DorSuite are the owners of the Scotdor partnership: Michael Brown, David Brown, Andrew Fulcher and Phil Brown.

Is DorSuite® a Limited Company?

DorSuite is not a limited company. Whilst we establish the brand in the market place it will be the trading brand name of Scotdor.

Will there still be reference to Scotdor on company documents?

All documents with the name DorSuite will have a reference which will say: DorSuite is a registered brand of Scotdor.

Is DorSuite® a registered brand?

Yes – it’s registered with the International Patents Office.

Is a DorSuite® an alternative to a doorset?

DorSuite refers to the suiting together of all of the various components that make up a door – the doorset, the architectural hardware set, etc. This is an evolution of the doorset as our unique service ensures design for compatibility and performance as opposed to just the integration of components.

Do DorSuites have to include architectural hardware supplied by DorSuite®?

No, we can take your preferred architectural hardware and “Suite” this into your product to ensure the overall solution is designed for compatibility and performance. We “Suite” this in exactly the same way we would with our own architectural hardware.

What changes will there be to trading with Scotdor now called DorSuite®?

There is no change in the legal entity you are dealing with. The main changes will be the brand image, the name on our website, supporting literature, documents and invoices. Orders placed with Scotdor are and will be valid. Contacts details such as Scotdor emails will still work and be automatically redirected to the correct person.

Telephone numbers will all stay the same. With DorSuite, you are working with one supplier which means we ensure consistency of appearance and design, aesthetics, durability and lead times through control over the manufacturing process.

We ensure your success through our performance by providing:

  • DorSuiting – design for compatibility
  • Great service
  • Outstanding technical support
  • Manufacturing and certification for assured performance
  • Assured integration to ensure the right solution for the performance and building requirements…design for performance, specify for performance
  • People
  • Innovation

This means a guaranteed quality solution that’s consistent.

We look forward to the journey ahead – together with you our customer.