Door Suites

Our performance Door Suites are engineered to give you the right solution for your application, whether that be Fire, Acoustic, Security, Durability and more. Our team of experts will work in partnership with you to realise your bespoke vision and performance criteria. Our Door Suites can be tailored to virtually any application and the only limit to what we can achieve together is your imagination.

Door Core

Our extensive range of engineered door cores enables our customers to satisfy the toughest of performance requirements. These are edged on all four edges with hardwood and morticed for architectural hardware.


Our door frames are precision manufactured and finished according to specification and factory finished in one of our extensive finishes before being assembled.


Architraves can be specified to any profile and materials to match the frame. We factory finish our architraves and pre-mitre them as standard to save labour on-site.


We face our door cores using our proprietary finishes which best suit the performance requirements of our customers.

Architectural Hardware

All Architectural hardware, including any necessary passive fire protection, is packaged into sets and labelled with a pre-determined code which partners it with a pre-hung door and frame for easy identification on site.

Vision Panel

Glazing systems are factory fitted to ensure absolute compliance and save unnecessary on-site labour.

Fully Suited Solution

Our unique approach to performance doorset solutions delivers absolute Performance through Design.

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