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Design Suite

Realising your design vision through our core range of flush doorsets.

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Audio Suite

Meeting all your acoustic needs with a variety of finishes to achieve performance through design.

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Secure Suite

Security steel doorsets for internal and external applications

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Protect Suite

Performance doorsets with enhanced safety features including finger protection.

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Impact Suite

Impact protection for doors in demanding environments to ensure they can withstand high impact.

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Pyro Suite

Very high-performing fire doors for applications requiring larger sizes and extended fire integrity

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Peace of mind

We reduce our customer’s risk by suiting together of the various elements of the door.  The ironmongery, door leaf and frame are suited simultaneously by our trained door and ironmongery experts using unique door suiting software.  DorSuite door types are divided into different suites to make it easier to identify the range which has the specific performance criteria that you require.

Time savings

Our approach has the benefit of reducing onsite work, this not only enhances the appearance but it is also more cost effective. It improves site co-ordination and reduces the risk of snagging and remedial work. Working with one supplier negates the need to oversee the co-ordination of ‘multi-supplier’ provision.


The use of factory prepared and installed architectural hardware ensures the door and its hardware are working at their most efficient. It is well proven that most maintenance issues are caused by incorrectly or inaccurately installed ironmongery – you can trust us to get it right.

3rd Party Audited & Certified Products

We provide a fully certified performance solution – all the components that come together are certified and manufactured in an audited environment – the DorSuite is engineered to perform. The complete Dorsuite range is fully certified to recognised performance standards. All fire resisting products are manufactured under the intensive Q-Mark independent product conformity scheme. We ensure all the items of ironmongery installed adhere to our certification requirements. This avoids the inadvertent use of non-standard components which could undermine and diminish the fire, security or acoustic performance of the completed door installation.


The case for high performance, bespoke integrated doorsets

There are distinct advantages to using complete doorsets rather than onsite door assemblies.

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Life threatening fire door faults uncovered

Common problems found with fire doors and how these can be life threatening.

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Our Performance DorSuites

Why choose a Performance Suite?

Our performance DorSuites give you the right solution for the right application: Design Suite, Decibel Suite, Secure Suite, Impact Suite, Pyro Suite. The Performance Suites bring you complete design freedom in flush bespoke performance doorsets with timber or post formed edges and full encapsulation, no matter what the face or design, while we focus on meeting performance demands – fire, acoustic, high impact, severe durability, finger protection, anti ligature, anti bacterial and realising your design vision. This is achieved by working in partnership so that you benefit from our unrivalled expertise, service and product quality. The Performance Suites suit virtually any application and the only limit to what we can achieve together is your imagination. With every commercial wood veneer option available as well as PVC, paint and metal finishes, the choice is extensive. Add distinctive vision panels and ironmongery to create your own style of flush doorset along with frame or frameless options, in the knowledge that fire, smoke, acoustic, durability, finger protection and other performance requirements are being met.

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