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Do you have an environment where it is inevitable that your doors will be subject to shocks and collisions?  Your solution lies within our Impact Suite!  With our range of edges and finishes that are impact protected, we can ensure that your doors can handle these encounters and ensure that the design aesthetics are preserved year after year. Many locations require sealed wipe down finishes for hygiene purposes.  Our Impact Suite doors are perfect for these locations and can be specified with a variety of water resistance.

Urban Resorts, Aberdeen


Where can Impact Suite be specified?

Impact Suite doors are specified in hospital corridors, operating theatres, food preparation areas, laboratories, airports, swimming pools and many other locations that require high impact clinical cleanliness or moisture resistance.

DorSuite Factory


Impact Suite Performance Attributes

  • Solid ‘through-colour’ facing materials resist abuse and maintain their appearances
  • Fire ratings from NFR to FD90 (Our Pyro Suite doors can be made with some impact properties)
  • Acoustic ratings up to 35dbRW (Our Decibel Suite doors can be made with some impact properties)
  • Solutions include wipe down finishes and flush glazing options which can be easily cleaned
  • Moisture resistant solutions suitable for wet areas

Impact Suite Glazing Options

Overclad Beads: Where the timber beading restraining the vision panel is covered by formed thermoplastic angles.  This is a removable system should the glass ever require replacements.   Flush Glazing: Where the thermoplastic door facings are recessed into perspex covers producing a completely flush transition at the vision panel. Glass is installed centrally in the aperture if a fire rating is required.

The Performance Doorsets Range


Design Suite

Realising your design vision through our core range of flush doorsets.

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Audio Suite

Meeting all your acoustic needs with a variety of finishes to achieve performance through design.

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Protect Suite

Performance doorsets with enhanced safety features including finger protection.

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Secure Suite

Security steel doorsets for internal and external applications

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Pyro Suite

Very high-performing fire doors for applications requiring larger sizes and extended fire integrity

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