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When it comes to your projects we want to provide certainty and ‘performance through design’.

Our unique DorSuiting service provides a safe journey and certainty for all our customers, dedicated technical support, peace of mind, a helping hand to realise design, integration and performance assurance for your project. We are here to lead you on that journey to ensure your building is fit for purpose whether it be through our doorsets (DorSuites) or architectural hardware.  

DorSuite Factory

We want to help you succeed through our expertise and support – so you can rely on us and the quality of our solutions.

We understand where design and performance is critical, it is not just about providing the bare minimum standards of performance to meet regulations, it’s about delivering appropriate doorsets and architectural hardware solutions which we do through our unique DorSuiting process which incorporates design into performance, helping you deliver successful projects. Our DorSuite team is fully trained and qualified with expertise in all aspects of the door package.  

Our unique DorSuiting system schedules the doors and ironmongery, detailing the doors, ironmongery, access control, glazed screens and door automation delivering assured certified performance. This is a solution that goes beyond a door specialist and an ironmonger haphazardly integrating separate doorsets and architectural hardware schedules. A DorSuite schedule is a single schedule.

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All your bespoke, performance doors design requirements delivered to you through our DorSuiting service.

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Our extensive capability means we can manufacture a diverse range of certified performance doorsets.

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