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We believe it’s not about supply, it’s not about being the biggest, the smallest or the fastest… it is all about how you get there. There are many journeys you can take but we believe that we are the one company that can help you on your journey safely. We are here to ensure that you get to the right solution, the right product for the application and performance required in your building. We are not just a sensible choice but a choice that guarantees assurance of a performance doorset (DorSuite) meeting the exact performance criteria of the building.  

DorSuite Factory

We get you from A to B with the support of our people who are all fully qualified, trained experts in their field.

DorSuite are an agile and flexible company that understands the challenges our customers face. From specification to cost to delivery challenges, we flex and bend to ensure you get the service and solution you need. We will never leave you in the lurch or promise something we cannot deliver. We have a sensible approach to managing our business – we have controls and measures in place to ensure we remain a sustainable business.

Technical support Our aim is to be there when you need us so you can depend on us to share our technical expertise at any time during the specification process. Whether you contact us through our web site or call us to speak to our technical team, we want you to take advantage of our knowledge and resources.

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  • Technical drawings
  • Standard NBS specs




All your bespoke, performance doors design requirements delivered to you through our DorSuiting service.

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Our CPDs

Register your interest in our CPDs.

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Our extensive capability means we can manufacture a diverse range of certified performance doorsets.

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