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Leisure and recreation facilities often have a requirement for a range of bespoke graphics, bright colours and high visibility signage.

The sector can encompass swimming pools, gymnasiums, cafes, meeting rooms and offices so there is a need for a wide range of design and performance options. Doors can be manufactured in a massive range of finishes, materials and colours with guaranteed, certified performance characteristics such as high security, fire resistance and sound reduction. Tough, water resistant, post-formed PVC faced doorsets which have smooth, impervious surfaces and no sharp corners are easy to clean and durable.

Urban Resorts, Aberdeen

Photographs, logos and graphics can be encapsulated in the door surface to combine striking imagery with all performance requirements. The shape, position and type of glazing and beading used in vision panels can adversely affect performance but, using Dorsuite’s expertise, these can be supplied to achieve all required performance levels.


Our extensive experience enables us to ensure that all current guidelines and legislation are adhered to and a full FSC® chain of custody at our manufacturing sites is your assurance that all materials are procured from legal, ethical and sustainable sources.



All your bespoke, performance doors design requirements delivered to you through our DorSuiting service.

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Our extensive capability means we can manufacture a diverse range of certified performance doorsets.

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