Puretouch® Antimicrobial Antiviral Surfaces

Developed and manufactured in the UK, Puretouch® is a self-adhesive antimicrobial and antiviral surface wrap embedded with the active ingredient Microbic™ AMS001 which prevents the growth of microorganisms. In tests, the Puretouch® surface shows that the Microbic™ activity constantly performs over time achieving a 99% reduction of bacteria and 95% reduction of all coronavirus over 24hrs.

Designed to adhere to your building's touchpoints reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses by contaminated surfaces in-between cleanings. Puretouch® helps provide peace of mind that these surfaces are safe to touch, encouraging a return to normal business and a healthier environment in the office, schools, hospital, hospitality and travel.


Antimicrobial Protection.

The active ingredient in Puretouch surface wraps is Microbic™ AMS001 which is tested in UK test labs to ISO 22196:1 2011 (antibacterial activity) and ISO 21702: 2019 (antiviral Activity). These are globally accepted tests for antimicrobial surfaces and are designed to quantitatively test the ability to kill and inhibit the growth of microorganisms and actively reduce all coronaviruses.



This self-adhesive antimicrobial wrap for everyday touchpoints is durable and easy to apply and when replaced leave little or no residue


Visibly Safe.

These versatile wraps can be applied to a wide range of touchpoints including door handles, push plates and trolley handles Providing visible protection reassure your clients, staff and patients of a safe, clean environment


24/7 Protection.

Designed, Tested and Manufactured in Britain, these Puretouch Antimicrobial Surface Wraps are designed to fit common British Ironmongery dimensions.


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