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Supporting you to realise all your bespoke performance doors design requirements through breadth and flexibility of solutions, all delivered through our unique DorSuiting service – design for compatibility and performance.

Assured design integration – Where there is certainty around the doors and ironmongery not only working together but performing together. DorSuites are designed for compatibility and performance.

Assured certified performance – Confidence that your building is fit for purpose through solutions that are certified and will perform according to the applications needed in the building.

Choice – Breadth of solutions means we have a solution for any application or environment.

Project certainty – Getting it right from the start through early engagement – we do all the groundwork and hard work at the beginning of the project ironing out design, performance and integration issues, ensuring accuracy to make sure what you want is delivered without project disruption, ensuring less risk in relation to delivery and other issues later down the line.

Full specification and technical support to save you time and speed up the specification process and, more importantly, ensuring the right specification for the application to deliver your bespoke performance doorsets.

Accountability – We deliver DorSuites (bespoke performance doorsets) that are designed for compatibility and for the building’s performance requirements and the peace of mind for those legally responsible for the people in the building. E.g. hospitals – fire safety.

Risk mitigation – Our whole approach mitigates risk starting with early engagement, technical support and door suiting – through this we mitigate against design, integration and delivery issues later down the line.

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Our Approach

We are the partner that is at your side to give you the confidence and support in design, specification and delivery.

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Our extensive capability means we can manufacture a diverse range of certified performance doorsets.

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