Why DorSuite?

We understand where design and performance is critical, it is not just about providing the bare minimum standards of performance to meet regulations, it’s about delivering appropriate doorsets and architectural hardware solutions. We do through our unique DorSuiting process which incorporates design into performance, helping you deliver successful projects.
Our unique DorSuiting system schedules the doors and ironmongery, detailing the doors, ironmongery, access control, glazed screens and door automation delivering assured certified performance. This is a solution that goes beyond a door specialist and an ironmonger haphazardly integrating separate doorsets and architectural hardware schedules. A DorSuite schedule is a single schedule.
We promise performance through:
  • DorSuiting – The specification, scheduling, manufacture and delivery of performance doors and architectural hardware that are truly designed for compatibility, performance and assured integration
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Outstanding technical support to help our customers design and specify performance doors
  • Expertise to ensure the right solution to achieve the right performance for the right application
  • Success – helping all our customers be successful by building successful projects using our solutions
  • Certified DorSuites (performance doors and architectural hardware solutions)
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